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What is Ada?

Ada Developers Academy is a year-long, software development training program for women and gender diverse people, located in Seattle. Ada offers one of the most comprehensive developer training programs available: six months of full-time classroom instruction and a five months interning at a local tech company. Ada is tuition-free and is supported by company sponsorship, public funding, and individual donors.

  Ada's Website:
  Ada's Open Source Curriculum:
  Ada's Classroom Portal:


Ways you can be involved

Company Support:

With Curriculum:

  • Teaching Assistant - Helping students problem solve/learn in the classroom
  • Guest Lecturer - Speak to a specific topic or tool
  • Workshops - Lead a workshop that involves intensive time teaching and practicing a specific tool/skillset
  • Adie Tutor - Ada Alum/Students provide technical support for students on an on-going or one-off basis

With the Culture:

  • Industry Mentor - Provide support to students who join Ada without any connections to the Tech Industry
  • Adie Mentor - Ada Alum/Students provide emotional/experience support for a specific student

With the Admissions Process:

With Internships:

How to Get Started