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Code Reviewer

  To become a code reviewer, please email with the following information: 
  * a little background on your experience with Ruby/Rails/coding (short synopsis, LinkedIn link, or GitHub)
  * your GitHub handle
Due to changes in our code review process starting with Cohort 6 (Fall 2016) we do not currently have any opportunities for volunteering.
If you are interested in being a code reviewer we would still love to hear from you however, so please feel free to email us
(as indicated above) to express your interest. When additional opportunities become available we will make sure to let you know!

As a Code Reviewer, you will assess the quality of students' code and provide feedback to them. This can be done in person or remotely.

Your role will be to:

  • know your audience is a group of women who are new to coding--students began their cohort with very little to no experience coding; Ada provides them with 7 months of intensive classroom experience in Ruby, Rails, HTML/CSS, and JS followed by a 5 month industry internship; please define terms, do not assume that they know something already, and do not refer to concepts as something that "programmers should already know", as something that "you can't get a job if you don't understand", or as “easy”. Things that are easy to you may be difficult to someone else, and trivializing them trivializes a person who struggles with them.
  • read the provided assignment description
  • complete an industry-standard code review of student’s code using the student’s github repo
  • leave encouraging, as well as constructive, comments/suggestions/feedback to students
  • allow students to improve their code; our goal is growth, not necessarily getting things right the first time.

What to expect

  • Within your availability, code review as much student work as possible each week using the process described below.

Code Review Process
Here's the process for code reviewing:
1. Get your github handle added to the Code Review Team (email Charles)
2. Open a repo and read the spec on the assignment
3. Open a couple PRs and just glance at code to get an idea of where students are/what solutions look like.
4. Assign yourself to a PR to indicate that you will be doing a Code Review for that PR.
5. Code Review :D Be sure to structure your review and feedback in the context of the student's understanding/exposure at that point in time. They're learning very quickly, but have been instructed not to retrofit/refactor early projects with concepts learned later (at least for review; they're encouraged to revisit old projects as practice).
6. End Code Review with a sandwich (Things they did well, opportunities for improvement, Call for questions/clarifications)
7. Respond to the latter if needed